YOU: Interactive Episode 5, “And Then There Were Two”

October 19, 2010

Pate’s eyes are still stuck on you and he still holding the knife. His hand is shaking now. “Who the hell’s Lyle?” he snarks.

You look at Red who scared spitless. He knows what you’re planning on doing. Without, a sign for Pate or any indication, you grab the knife from his loose hand and thrust it into Pate’s stomach.

As you begin to stand, Pate begins to fall.

Red walks closer to you but, you share no eye contact. He is terrified now. “Why’d you do that?” he says. Your head pivots at him. “Please,” he begs. “Don’t hurt me. I’m not with him. I’ve been his slave for him for years–”

You hold the knife back to him and he freezes. “I will not kill you, if you give me answers,” you bargain. “Where am I?”

Red doesn’t hesitate a bit. “Santa Cruz,” he says. “This is the basement of a shoe factory. I don’t know exactly where… Pate was never open about that with us.”

Us?” you say. “How many of you are there?”


You ask…

A) “Where do they keep a million people?”

B) “How did you get here?”

C) “What’s your name?”

There was a tie vote last time of 5 vs. 5. It was a random decision to choose “Kill Pate.”


YOU: Interactive Episode 4, “I Remember…”

October 17, 2010

 Everything was piled with slushy December snow. Your car was toppled and the trees were drenched in a white coat. You lay awake in your bed aside of a fire. Crackling and hurtling sparks and cinders in your face.

You stared into the fire hypnotize; stuck in a motionless gaze. You slurped your hot chocolate. It seemed so calm to you but, a million thoughts went through your head.

Without a warning, you were grabbed. A potato sack was thrust over your head. You squirmed around like a dying fish. At first you thought it was Lyle just teasing you but, it was too long. Someone was trying to kill you.

Next thing you knew, you were out on the cold ground of the snow, abandoned. You ripped the bag off of your head and scream, “Who are you?!” No one heard you.

And the next thing you remembered…

Slowly, you blinked your eyes open, as a sudden realization came across you. You touched the ground. Ice cold. That was not your bedroom.

And as the jagged knife slowly came towards your hand you let out, “I know who you want!” Pate stops. “I know who you want… You want my friend. You want Lyle Gardener.”

Red is shaking. Pate’s eyes are stuck on yours and you try to look dead serious. But, nothing can be for sure…

A) Make a run for it. You’re not stuck there.

B) Explain who Lyle is.

C) Kill Pate. The knife is right there.


YOU: Interactive Episode 3, “Facing the Consequences”

October 15, 2010


(8) Your mouth remains sealed tight like a child who doesn’t want to eat his dinner. Pate crosses his arms and shakes his head. “So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh?” he says. He turns to Red, who had been looking at this, twitching. “Well,” he says to Red, “you know what to do.”

Reluctantly, Red reaches into his pocket for something. He hands it to Pate but, you are still unclear what it his. Pate turns around and you see a small pocket knife concealed in his hairy fist.

You try to hide your gasp. “What are you going to do to me?” He remains silent. Ironic, right? “Please, I didn’t mean to do anything! My name is [your name]!” you blurt out. He stops. “My name is [your name] and I need you to let me go…”

He looks at you pensively, backing the knife up. Red makes a grin, showing his heavy braces. Pate raises an eyebrow. “I’m sorry,” he says.

He takes the blade out of the brown case and light skits across the tip. It shimmers as he waves it around. Then, he grabs your hand. You close your eyes. This is gonna hurt. You never would have thought this to happen. Only last night… you never would have guessed…

Stop Pate and question him, GO TO 10. Cut to flashback, GO TO 11. Or flash-forward perhaps?, GO TO 12.

Note: Try to respond quicker. Episodes will be up every two days. If no one responds between that timeframe, YOU DIE…. I’m kidding of course. I’ll just choose what happens next… like normal writers would.


YOU: Interactive (Episode 2, “So Long Basement…”)

October 12, 2010


Majority was…

(3) “I shouldn’t just open it right away,” you say to yourself. Right now, you need to figure out where the hell you are and why the hell your there.

You look up at the ceiling and something drops straight into your eye. You cover it with your hand and wring around the room in pain. Sightless, you knock you head into a bar and fall to the ground.


A bright light shines down on you, as if you are at the dentist. Here hear quiet low-pitched sounds and a ringing in your ear. The sounds all seem very enclosed. You even try speaking but, it sounds as though you are underwater.

You can make out the words of a conversation, in a way. Some words are iffy. You hear a low voice say, “Why did you bring him here?”

You see a large African-American man look down at you. He is wearing a black suit and notices your eyes blinking open. He looks angry and brutal.

The other man is a short skinny red-head. He wears thick glasses and has a big nose. Freckles too. He is also wearing a suit. He looks almost terrified of the other man. We can call him Red.

Hello…” the African-American man says. “My name is William Pate.” He extends out his hand and you reluctantly shake it. “What is your name?”

Just say your name, it couldn’t hurt, GO TO 7. Silent treatment works best, GO TO 8. Ask for answers, GO TO 9.


YOU: Interactive

October 11, 2010


(1) Slowly, you blink your eyes open, as a sudden realization comes across you. You touch the ground. It’s hard. Metal, maybe. Ice cold. This is definitely not your bedroom.

You turn over on your side and grunt. “Where am I?” you whisper to yourself. The echo of these words are slowly taken away. Your arms and legs are bruised all over. You touch your face and the blood drips onto your hands.

Hyperventilating you push yourself off of the ground, hands quivering. You scream, “Hello!” but, there is no answer. “What  is going on!” You get to your feet but, you feel frozen and stuck in a position. 

It is a dark room, possibly a basement. Liquid dripping from the ceilings and pipes running across the walls. Just cluttered, dark room.

You feel trapped and helpless but, you try stay calm. You search and search and finally find a heavy gray door concealed behind cardboard boxes and left-behind knick-knacks.

Looking closer, you notice a red sticker placed right on the golden doorknob. In small white print you read, “Don’t take anything for granted.” You are unsure…

What do you do? Exit through the door, GO TO 2. Go on exploring the room, GO TO 3.

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