October 17, 2010

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your moms! Tell your dads! Tell your teachers! Tell your families! Tell your colleagues! Tell your students! Tell yourself! Tell your house! Tell your fellow LOST fans! Tell your fellow TV fans! Tell your fellow fans! Tell your fellows!

Tell the world…

I need more readers.

Maybe I’ll start LOST Again, again.


I’m sorry!

October 10, 2010

I guess now it has come to my attention that it might’ve not been a good idea to write an episode each week and then post it. I’m pretty much giving up on LOST Again (for now) but I am not giving up on writing or this website.

I’m so sorry I got your hopes up and I hope you stay tuned for more writing. I don’t want this site to have an episode planned each week or each month or every wednesday. I think it would just be easier if I posted whatever, whenever. 

Overall, I’m not abandoning this and who knows? Maybe, I’ll pick up LOST Again some other time.

Further information

October 1, 2010

– Episode 1.01 will be entitled “888, Part 1” and will release October 6th 2010, somewhere around 4:30.

– I plan to have an episode up every week, with a two month hiatus between seasons.

– I plan to have 20 episodes in each season.

– And, six seasons.

– Main cast includes: Benjamin Linus, Hugo Reyes, Walt Lloyd, Julian Carlson, Aaron Littleton, Clementine Phillips, Megan Pace, Ji Yeon Kwon, Patricia Hoffman, Dani Knight, Clark Cameron

– Recurring characters: Michael Dawson, Jin-Soo Kwon, Sun-Hwa Kwon, Jack Shephard, CSI Agent Joseph Cameron, Rose Nadler, Bernard Nadler, Vincent, Liam Pace, Claire Littleton, Charlie Pace, Juliet Burke, Mrs. Dawson, Charles Knight, Arnie Dale, Johnny Tate, Elliot Kant, Jeffrey Yossarian, Henry Anderson, Paul Churchland

– Plot: The only thing I can tell is that it involves another plane crash in the year 2031.

– Time: 2031, although we will be taking trips to many other times, past and future.

– Place: The island, for the most part

– Any questions? Anything I left out? Comment… type it, click it, submit it. Keep it PG please. (That means you Curtis. Haha)

– Hope you enjoy next weeks episode!

UPDATE!!! New cast member for season 1 – Clark Cameron


September 29, 2010

Well, here it is!

Hopefully, I will be posting some writing stuff on here. So, I’ll probably have something posted by tomorrow….?

Anyways, be patient and stay tuned, kids!