YOU: Interactive Episode 7, “Walk a Mile”

You don’t say a word. Silent treatment, again but this time, no consequences. 

Red nods and begins to lead you as you grab the knife from the icy ground. You notice the tiny designs on it; a dragon and some other calligraphic designs. You flip it over to read in bold letters, carved on the knife:

Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

You’ve heard it before… You distinctly remember those exact words from a very long time ago. You let out a chuckle as you recall the day when you walked a mile in Lyle’s shoes. 

Phuket, Thailand – 1999

Lyle walked along the shoreline, alone–or so it had seemed. A few seagulls perched on the moist sand, crabs and sand-bugs scattered around the beach. But, Lyle didn’t like to notice. To him, he was the only one in the world.

He had time so he thought things over–you know, clear his mind–and the calm sun and the soothing waves that flowed in and out… in and out; they were almost perfect.

Your feet sunk into the sand every time you stepped closer to Lyle. The brown sand was a sponge that didn’t want to stay on the ground. There were little grains of sand always getting stuck to your feet.

You  finally approached him. “Lyle,” you said, gently, “I’m sorry. He’s silent. His feet are sinking into the sand and looks like he is getting shorter, actually. “I guess I never understood… what your going through.”

“No,” he said, even more calmly than you. “You don’t understand. Not a bit. I can’t believe it.” He took a deep breathe. “I abandoned those people–my people when they were all counting on me. It was my responsibility but, I ended up running away to Phuket and having sex with some girl who’s name I don’t even know every night… just because I’m scared. I try to forget about it.”

“Are we okay?” you asked. You hope to get an answer even though you don’t deserve it, after last night. “Please tell me we’re okay, Lyle. It was a stupid mistake.”

“Yes, it was.”

You sigh. Maybe it’s time to leave.

Nothing much happened the rest of the night. But, what you did the night before was, you pretended like you knew what Lyle was going through but, you had no clue. It went to an extreme and he stormed off. 

As you look at the knife, the strangest thing occurs to you. You don’t remember where you heard the phrase about walking a mile. You know it reminded you of that night but, you don’t remember hearing it. But, you know you did. It was all very strange.

It took five hours for you and Red to finally reach the castle. As you get closer, more detail is seen on the castle. It’s pretty big and it’s completely covered in ice and snow so you can’t tell what’s under it. There’s a huge draw-bridge but, no moat–although maybe there was one. You always thought moats where pretty stereotypical.

You kinda doze off thinking about this until Red gets your attention. “Hey. Hey!” he said. “Can I borrow that knife? Just for a sec. I gotta do something.”

You look unsure. You still don’t completely trust Red but, you hand him the knife.

On the side of the castle is this big old lever that Red starts to chisel the ice off of, little by little. Then, he clutches his hands onto the lever tight and tugs it down. He’s kind of short and the lever’s up pretty high so it was an interesting thing to watch.

“Let’s go then,” Red says.

A) Follow him in.

B) Look back. 

C) Suggest going back to the room to get some answers. After all, it’s your right to know why your were injured and kidnapped and all.

D) Say something–anything. It’s your choice!


4 Responses to YOU: Interactive Episode 7, “Walk a Mile”

  1. Gary says:

    A) Follow him in.

    You seem to be hinting at getting answers from the room 🙂

  2. wanda says:

    a.) follow him in.

  3. eyerohn2516 says:

    A. But what happened to the knife?

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