Episode 1.02 “888, Part 2” (PREVIEW)


LOST Again: Episode 2#


July 2nd 2031 (9:23 AM) – Caves, The Island

Yes. Although, all were awaiting answers and all were anticipating the moment Clark, Julian and the others would emerge from that jungle. Time was moving along interminably and only a few survivors had made a settlement to move into the caves.

Each survivors slowly began to pick up a piece of history that would support the General’s theory; ‘Someone was on the island before us, a long time ago.’ The General, who was off with Clark and Julian, found the coffin. Patricia and Dani were the next to realize the doll plopped on near this and Aaron saw a mysterious symbol carved into the bark of an oak. Ji Yeon pointed out the two skeletons that laid beside each other.

There was no time to discuss or theorize. Out of a bamboo thicket appear Clark and Julian, both frowning, although Clark had a tint hope in his sparkly blue eyes.

Where’s the General?” Dani’s voiced appeared from the crowd. It was the first thing she thought of when only two returned.

And to this, Julian lowered his head, shameful. Clark scratched the back of his furry head and bit his lip. “He…” Clark began but, he could not finish.

He’s on his own now,” Julian went on, looking up and staring directly into Dani’s mysterious gray eyes. “Things didn’t turn out well.”

Well, where’s Megan and Jeff and Ron?” This came from Jared Anderson–or ‘Red’–in among the array of survivors formed before them.

Clark took over again. It was as if him and Julian were having a heated debate–and Julian was of course winning. “All we know is that Megan… is nowhere to be found and Jeff’s crazy and Ron…” His voice became sentimental and soft. “Ron’s gone.”

The crowd shuttered.

And there’s one more thing…” Clark said. “We found something. Something that may just get us off this island.”


3 Responses to Episode 1.02 “888, Part 2” (PREVIEW)

  1. eyerohn2516 says:


    Thanks for getting into it again! Can’t wait to see what the hell is going on!

  2. wanda says:

    thanks for the new episode. enjoying it very much!

  3. marc says:

    yeah this is cool ty forf keeping it goin..even if its once every two weeks it would be nice .. i actually think this is a cooler idea than knowing lost.

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