YOU: Interactive Episode 4, “I Remember…”

 Everything was piled with slushy December snow. Your car was toppled and the trees were drenched in a white coat. You lay awake in your bed aside of a fire. Crackling and hurtling sparks and cinders in your face.

You stared into the fire hypnotize; stuck in a motionless gaze. You slurped your hot chocolate. It seemed so calm to you but, a million thoughts went through your head.

Without a warning, you were grabbed. A potato sack was thrust over your head. You squirmed around like a dying fish. At first you thought it was Lyle just teasing you but, it was too long. Someone was trying to kill you.

Next thing you knew, you were out on the cold ground of the snow, abandoned. You ripped the bag off of your head and scream, “Who are you?!” No one heard you.

And the next thing you remembered…

Slowly, you blinked your eyes open, as a sudden realization came across you. You touched the ground. Ice cold. That was not your bedroom.

And as the jagged knife slowly came towards your hand you let out, “I know who you want!” Pate stops. “I know who you want… You want my friend. You want Lyle Gardener.”

Red is shaking. Pate’s eyes are stuck on yours and you try to look dead serious. But, nothing can be for sure…

A) Make a run for it. You’re not stuck there.

B) Explain who Lyle is.

C) Kill Pate. The knife is right there.



12 Responses to YOU: Interactive Episode 4, “I Remember…”

  1. wanda says:

    make a run for it. this is getting interesting!

  2. Gary says:

    no more GO TO?

    B) Explain who Lyle is

  3. brager77 says:

    yeah lol no more GO TO? hehe

    B) Explain who Lyle is.

  4. Jack says:

    C) Kill Pate

  5. Marcos says:


  6. Lostrocks77 says:

    Pate’s pretty annoying. i’d kill em.

  7. InTheDale says:

    explain who lyle is

  8. btly says:

    B) Explain who Lyle is

  9. eyerohn2516 says:

    B)Explain who Lile is.

    then drown Pate in fruit punch.

  10. Dan says:

    KILL PATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. HowardMonster says:

    kill patte

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