YOU: Interactive Episode 3, “Facing the Consequences”


(8) Your mouth remains sealed tight like a child who doesn’t want to eat his dinner. Pate crosses his arms and shakes his head. “So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh?” he says. He turns to Red, who had been looking at this, twitching. “Well,” he says to Red, “you know what to do.”

Reluctantly, Red reaches into his pocket for something. He hands it to Pate but, you are still unclear what it his. Pate turns around and you see a small pocket knife concealed in his hairy fist.

You try to hide your gasp. “What are you going to do to me?” He remains silent. Ironic, right? “Please, I didn’t mean to do anything! My name is [your name]!” you blurt out. He stops. “My name is [your name] and I need you to let me go…”

He looks at you pensively, backing the knife up. Red makes a grin, showing his heavy braces. Pate raises an eyebrow. “I’m sorry,” he says.

He takes the blade out of the brown case and light skits across the tip. It shimmers as he waves it around. Then, he grabs your hand. You close your eyes. This is gonna hurt. You never would have thought this to happen. Only last night… you never would have guessed…

Stop Pate and question him, GO TO 10. Cut to flashback, GO TO 11. Or flash-forward perhaps?, GO TO 12.

Note: Try to respond quicker. Episodes will be up every two days. If no one responds between that timeframe, YOU DIE…. I’m kidding of course. I’ll just choose what happens next… like normal writers would.



3 Responses to YOU: Interactive Episode 3, “Facing the Consequences”

  1. Gary says:

    GO TO 11.

    Cut to flashback. Sounds like something LOST would do 🙂

  2. brager77 says:

    GO TO 11.

    I wanna know how he ended up in this place

  3. InTheDale says:

    Me too – go to 11.

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