YOU: Interactive (Episode 2, “So Long Basement…”)


Majority was…

(3) “I shouldn’t just open it right away,” you say to yourself. Right now, you need to figure out where the hell you are and why the hell your there.

You look up at the ceiling and something drops straight into your eye. You cover it with your hand and wring around the room in pain. Sightless, you knock you head into a bar and fall to the ground.


A bright light shines down on you, as if you are at the dentist. Here hear quiet low-pitched sounds and a ringing in your ear. The sounds all seem very enclosed. You even try speaking but, it sounds as though you are underwater.

You can make out the words of a conversation, in a way. Some words are iffy. You hear a low voice say, “Why did you bring him here?”

You see a large African-American man look down at you. He is wearing a black suit and notices your eyes blinking open. He looks angry and brutal.

The other man is a short skinny red-head. He wears thick glasses and has a big nose. Freckles too. He is also wearing a suit. He looks almost terrified of the other man. We can call him Red.

Hello…” the African-American man says. “My name is William Pate.” He extends out his hand and you reluctantly shake it. “What is your name?”

Just say your name, it couldn’t hurt, GO TO 7. Silent treatment works best, GO TO 8. Ask for answers, GO TO 9.



6 Responses to YOU: Interactive (Episode 2, “So Long Basement…”)

  1. brager77 says:

    GO TO 9.

    Im liking it. But what happened to GO TO 4,5,and 6?

  2. Gary says:

    GO TO 7.

    Silent treatment always works best.

  3. wanda says:

    GO TO 8. I think remaining silent is the best way to go. Intriguing, can’t wait to see what happens next.

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