YOU: Interactive


(1) Slowly, you blink your eyes open, as a sudden realization comes across you. You touch the ground. It’s hard. Metal, maybe. Ice cold. This is definitely not your bedroom.

You turn over on your side and grunt. “Where am I?” you whisper to yourself. The echo of these words are slowly taken away. Your arms and legs are bruised all over. You touch your face and the blood drips onto your hands.

Hyperventilating you push yourself off of the ground, hands quivering. You scream, “Hello!” but, there is no answer. “What  is going on!” You get to your feet but, you feel frozen and stuck in a position. 

It is a dark room, possibly a basement. Liquid dripping from the ceilings and pipes running across the walls. Just cluttered, dark room.

You feel trapped and helpless but, you try stay calm. You search and search and finally find a heavy gray door concealed behind cardboard boxes and left-behind knick-knacks.

Looking closer, you notice a red sticker placed right on the golden doorknob. In small white print you read, “Don’t take anything for granted.” You are unsure…

What do you do? Exit through the door, GO TO 2. Go on exploring the room, GO TO 3.

This is our first chapter of YOU: Interactive. Comment to choose the fate of YOU. The majority comment will be chosen…


3 Responses to YOU: Interactive

  1. brager77 says:

    GO TO 3

    Seems interesting, but short. Need to be a bit longer or ull have to post episodes more often imo, which could be a problem depending on how many people read and comment for you to choose the next path.

  2. wanda says:

    Go to 3
    I would like to find out more before venturing out of the room. Will keep checking back, to see what happens. Thanks.

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