I’m sorry!

I guess now it has come to my attention that it might’ve not been a good idea to write an episode each week and then post it. I’m pretty much giving up on LOST Again (for now) but I am not giving up on writing or this website.

I’m so sorry I got your hopes up and I hope you stay tuned for more writing. I don’t want this site to have an episode planned each week or each month or every wednesday. I think it would just be easier if I posted whatever, whenever. 

Overall, I’m not abandoning this and who knows? Maybe, I’ll pick up LOST Again some other time.


5 Responses to I’m sorry!

  1. brager77 says:


    But yeah at least your’e letting us know. I’ll be keeping this page in my bookmarks so i’ll come check it out occasionally to see if u post anything new or decide to pick the project back up.

  2. marc says:


  3. dr.finitevus says:

    Sigh……… very well, mr. mcpherson-i mean lapidus7.

  4. InTheDale says:

    I’m confused. I found this when I went looking for more of the Knowing Lost episodes – which haven’t been updated since the middle of September. You wrote a perfectly wonderful first episode with the promise of more each week. What happened???

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