Episode 1.01 “888, Part 1”

LOST Again: Episode 1#


July 1st, 2031 (4:00 PM) – Southern Jungle, The Island


Walt’s eyes drowsily blinked open. As his bold pupils dilated he realized where he was. Then, he grinned and let out a tiny chuckle. He was finally back.

As he lifted himself off the ground, he thought about that dreaded moment when he arrived at the island for the first time. He vividly recalled the belief that he was dead, after the 4:00 PM of September 22nd, 2004. (That was the first time he conjectured this though, which made it much more terrifying.)

His grin turned into a bright beam, the chuckle came into bursted laughter and he almost felt like doing a little jig. He was actually back! He even recognized the area in which he stood, twenty-seven years ago when he was outran by a vicious polar bear and trapped in a banyan tree. That spot was a only few feet away from Walt.

Slowly releasing his grin, he paced to the vines and laid his dark hands on the scratches still engraved on them. He tried to drop this memory. It only reminded him of his late father.

Turning away, Walt cupped his hand over his forehead and squinted. He looked at the sky. The sun was blazing down on him, as sweat fell down his neck. He was feeling dizzy, now. He lay back by a tree and sunk to the ground, relaxing.

Then, he admired the puffy white clouds. Everything in the sky, in the jungle, in the air… They seemed to be completely perfect. Walt even heard the soothing sounds of the clear ocean roaring in and out, in and out. He noticed he heard no screaming, which meant that he was nowhere near the crash sight.

Soon enough, the directions came across Walt’s brain. Ben had told him, the directions were important and he had to remember it ‘word for word.’

“Word for word,” Walt repeated aloud.

Of course, these directions were simple. ‘Wait for us near your old camp on the beach,’ Ben said. He made these directions stern and emphasized as if this was all Walt needed to do. But, Walt was an intelligent man. He knew there was more to it.

Walt stood to his feet and leaned over to pick up his blue backpack, conveniently plopped next to these historic vines. Slacking it over his back, Walt took out a Pan Pacific Airlines water bottle and sipped the rest of it down.

And what a relief it was! Although he completely expected the minute the crash would happen, he was still a bit shaken from it. As the water set on his dry tongue, he took a nice large gulp and sucked it down, followed by a calming sigh.

Then, he darted his eyes into the direction he was ready to trek through and began to walk and walk and walk… on and on… down that rabbit hole.

July 1st 2031 (3:48 PM) – Pan Pacific Airlines: Flight 888, Somewhere Over The South Pacific



Julian was an ordinary man. He had an ordinary job, lived in an ordinary town, went to see ordinary movies and ate ordinary food. Overall, Julian wasn’t boring. He was ordinary.

He gaped out the window, sinking into his seat. His eyes blurred out into the cloudy sky, as the plane soared by. Then, he sipped his drink, gently. The plane waved slowly before making a large stagger and Julian, like any other, tried to look calm and focused, although he was quite a bit stunned.

Of course, we understand that Julian is ordinary… overall. But, as Julian sat in his seat there, thinking about his ordinary life and ordinary job, he finally pondered about his past. He was unaware of this but, Julian didn’t have an ordinary past.

He just didn’t remember it.

Only one seat behind him, Walt was watching (or ‘spying’ as Ben had ordered him to do) his every move. He studied the way he moved, what type of person he was, his hair color, his eyes, what he ate on the plane. He had to write it all.

At the top of his notebook page, he had scribbled down: ‘JULIAN CARLSON – 7’ Relieved that he was done writing as much information as he ever could, he slammed his pen down, finally.

He flipped through all the other pages. Turning through other names at the top of pages with information. Walt was proud that he memorized all the names and faces. Julian Carlson, Clementine Phillips, Aaron Littleton, Ji Yeon Kwon, Megan Pace, Patricia Hoffman and Clark Cameron.

He recognized some of the names of course, like Aaron and Ji Yeon (whom he had met briefly after the Oceanic Six’s rescue). Then, there was Megan Pace who’s last name was brightly recognized. The rest of them meant less than nothing to him.

Most of them were names and faces and ages and information. The notebook was cluttered with files for each seven of them plus himself.

He opened to Dani Knight’s file and shook his head. Her face looked so familiar, he thought. It was completely possible of course that they had met before but… then, only to meet later in life. If it weren’t pure coincidence, then it was either two things: Fate or irony.

Dani Knight ran her fingers through her bold dark hair and touched her pale skin. Her face was sad and almost dreary and boring. But, still very serious.

Why was she frowning? Because she was staring at the bag. The black bag that she had planted right by her feet on the floor. The contents of the bag, she could never share. But, it was only a matter of time till the rest of the passengers of Pan Pacific Airlines Flight 888 would find out.

There was a man sitting in the seat next to her. He was a large man. He had graying hair and a mustache but, he seemed to be friendly and intelligent.

He was reading a book, ‘Left Behind.’ Dani smiled as she noticed the title cover, as that was one of her favorites. It also made a large impact on her life only a few years ago.

Looking closer, she regarded a note sticking out of the man’s suit pocket. It read, “US Retired General Jeffrey K. Yossarian.” It was odd how Dani was surprised to discover this. The general came across as a funny and welcoming gentlemen.

She thought about speaking with him but, there wasn’t a warning for what was about to happen. The plane faltered, coming to a complete stop and the General, seat belt unbuckled, was thrown up against the cabin ceiling.

Everyone looked at this sight in fear, frantically buckling their seat belts before…

For the most part, it was too late. The interesting (and, slightly sad) thing about this was that, they all had a clear warning that they were unsafe. But, for the most part, they were all dead in a matter of seconds.

Three hundred fourteen people died that day and it was his fault.

July 1st 2031 (3:57 PM) – The First Beach Camp, The Island


It should’ve happened by now,” he said.

You have to be patient, Hugo,” Ben replied. He was concentrated on the cerulean sky, anticipating what he and ‘Number One’ had been waiting for for twenty-one years.

Of course, for these twenty-seven years Hugo and Ben had not aged a bit. Hugo was the new Jacob and he could physically almost do anything. And, if Hugo were to touch someone… well, you know what would happen.

Suddenly, Ben tugged Hugo’s sleeve, appointing a small speck in the blue sky that began growing larger and larger, until it was finally revealed to be a large mass of metal…The plane!

Hugo grinned and turned to Ben. It was an interesting face Hugo made. He didn’t exactly look happy or scared. But, he was almost prepared…

As the plane grew closer, it was more clear. Hugo’s eyes widened, in udder shock. It was unbelievable and unexplainable. Hugo pivoted his head to Ben, who was always gazing at this site. Yes, the plane was coming closer but, that moment, Ben took his blue bug-eyes off his hypnotized daze and snapped his head to Hugo.

Dude,” Hugo began, “where’s the rest of the plane?”

July 1st 2031 (11:39 PM) – The Temple, The Island

‘All was silent’. This is a phrase that is commonly used but, of course, nothing is ever silent. The temple, the one in which a man was resurrected, as if Christ himself, in which a ‘Monster’ made an victorious attack on the innocent dwellers of the temple and where a young Benjamin Linus made one of his new beginnings.

It was not silent. Gentle drips from the healing pool plopped into the darkening water, which made echoes reflect off the breaking walls. A cool breeze flew by and shook the dying grass outside. So, there was much sound. But, no one was there to hear it.

It had been twenty-four years since one single person set a foot in or near the temple. Until now, it was abandoned and unusable.

This morning, Hugo giggled as he made his reappearance in this sacred place. He remembered the spot where his friend awoke and the spot where he died too. He barely even thought about this place.

He gave the signal and Ben came in, recognizing the temple, too. “Why did you bring me here?” Ben asked, mildly.

Hugo gave no answer but, gave Ben another gesture to follow him. They soon arrived in an old small room. Hugo’s foot bumped on a 108-stitch baseball, deserted on the ground. Then, he laid his hand on an aging stone desk.

Ben,” Hugo said, picking up a pair of scales. They were golden scales but, a bit rusty and broken. Then, he placed two rocks on the scales and displayed it to Ben.

Ben pondered on the two rocks. They almost seemed familiar to him. Not as if he had seen them before. Not exactly. “What is it?” Ben replied to Hugo’s words.

One is light,” Number One said. “One is dark.”

Ben’s eyes grew. Now, he was really interested. He was also surprised to think that Hugo knew more about the island then he had. He speaking to him as if Jacob. But, of course…

Hugo continued, “I’m not sure how to say this but,” Hugo’s voice grew horse and quiet. It was as if he didn’t want tell him something. Something bad. He continued, “I’m sorry Ben. I think this is what’s happening to you.”

July 1st 2031 (3:59 PM) – The First Beach Camp, The Island

The lack of the plane’s tail-section worried him. It reminded him of his first plane crash, when the tail section was torn off tumbling through the jungle. This was different though. The back of the plane must have fell into the ocean a long time ago.

It finally passed over their heads, as they ducked to the ground. Thank God it didn’t hit the two or the rest would be a catastrophe. Hugo worried that a passenger could have seen them.

Ben tried not to look uneasy about this. “Stay here,” he ordered Hugo. “I’m gonna find the plane and see how many survivors there are. Let’s hope Walt did his job.”

You’re not gonna pull an Ethan, are you?”

Ben smiled at Hugo, playfully but serious. He finally said those words. Those few words that no one who ever knew the scheming, conniving, lying, no-good, trickster of a person, Benjamin Linus to say. Without a word following it, Ben said, “I’m going to tell them the truth.”

For once.

July 1st 2031 (4:00 PM) – A Clearing In A Jungle, The Island



Aaron Littleton’s baby blues burst open, abruptly as his iris slowly adjusted to the sun staring him down to the ground. His arms were sprawled across the ground, evenly and his legs were set almost perfectly adjacent to one another. The intimidating banyans hovered above him, arrogantly.

He was hopelessly confused. He thought he was dead (which, as we know from Season 6, was completely possible). But no, he wasn’t. But, he was definitely hallucinating.

These banyans were trying to strangle him. They were growing closer and closer and Aaron tried to shield himself from them, wringing himself like a wet towel on the ground.

The clouds were swooshing down into his soul and tearing out his emotions and life. Aaron soon realized that he didn’t remember anything at all. He didn’t know his job, his face, his town, his life. Although he remembered vaguely of his name, incorrectly leaning towards ‘Aiden.’

He took note that he was wearing a tie. Not a suit but, a slightly informal blue tie. And, a white shirt, sleeves rolled up.

He reached into his left pocket and pulled out two items. The first he recognized as a girl, familiar. She was pregnant and held a killer whale plush toy. He became frustrated that he didn’t know who this was at all and threw the photo on the ground.

The second item was a card. Something business-like. Aaron prayed to God that he wasn’t an owner of a sleazy pizza palace. He squinted his eyes closer but, couldn’t even read it. He made an assumption that he must’ve had glasses.

There was a rustle-sound in the bushes and Aaron stored the card in his pocket, frantically. He began to stand up, noticing wound on his side; the rest of his body was completely unscathed. Leaning more easily on his left leg, Aaron backed away from the ‘rustle.’

Who the hell’s there?” he said, roughly.

A hand popped out from the shrub, surrendering. Then, slowly a face… a body… a man came out from it. He seemed kind and sincere. Aaron could tell he was on the plane and just as frightened as he was.

The man was also wearing a more formal suit. He was large and buff and had scraggly brown hair that disperse all over his forehead. He was young but, smart.

Are a survivor?” the man said; his voice course.

Um…. sure. Yes, I am,” Aaron reluctantly agreed. He guessed it. He was in a plane crash or a shipwreck. Anyways, he had to continue the conversation. So, he made vague statement. “Have you seen any others at all yet?”

No, I just woke up only a few feet here.” The man was more comfortable and trusting. He moved closer to Aaron and noticed his distraught countenance. He was only staring into space, as if a mad man, devising a plan. “Are you alright? What is your name?”

Aaron avoided the subject of his name. In fact, he tried to avoid every subject that had to do with him or related to whatever happened to him. “What’s yours?” he cleverly bounced back.

Clark reached into his pocket and took out something. At first, Julian couldn’t make it out but, he realized that it was a badge. A golden badge.

My name is Clark Cameron,” he said. “I’m a U.S. Marshall for Pan Pacific Airlines and I’m looking for a prisoner. Have you seen him?”

July 1st 2031 (4:03 PM) – South Jungle, The Island

Lennie was dead.

Lennie Gomez was the name of the prisoner Clark was escorting on the plane. Stabbed with a spear of shrapnel, his heart came to a full stop and he died.

Patricia Hoffman was disturbed and a bit shaken when she found the body in the jungle. She quivered as she stared at the pale face of this unfortunate man. So young, she though, so unfulfilled. Patricia was 67 years old and would have been ready to give her life for this man’s, although she had never seen him once in her long life.

Suddenly, a familiar voice entered the ambient sound of the jungle. It was Dani. She stood, solitary in behind Patricia and smiled. “Didn’t think I’d see you again.”

Patricia jumped around a bit alarmed. Then, she squinted and recognized Dani’s dark hair and gray eyes. “You?” she said. “You…”

I changed my mind,” Dani answered.

Well, what happened?”

I thought I told you…”


The word, ‘no’ is quite and interesting word. Of course it can be used to disagree with someones opinion. Or, it can easily be used as a simple answer to a question. In this case, ‘no’ may have not been the perfect word to use. It would have made sense if she said, ‘How?” or ‘What?’ or ‘No way.’ But, Patricia was too shocked. All she could say was, ‘no.’

Anyways, Patricia knew exactly what she meant by, ‘I thought I told you…’ Dani was referring to their ‘little chat’ they had two nights before the crash.

Dani continued, “I surprised myself, even. I didn’t even think I had the nerve to do it and I did it. I took that backpack and–”

Patricia’s voice grew angry. “You took that backpack and killed this man in cold blood, Dani! You killed every single person on that plane!”

Patricia had that stern old woman tone of voice which made everyone think she was wise and knew what was wrong and right. It was angry or frustrated. It was stern

Dani didn’t want to talk about the terrible things she did. She never wanted to talk about it. She replied, avoiding this, “Not everyone…”

July 1st 2031 (4:01 PM) – Crashsite, The Island



Julian’s sweating face turned at the unfortunate souls scattered across the beach, frantically. He was unharmed, not a scratch on him.

The first woman who came across his eyes was a dark haired young woman who was peering around the survivors. Then, she ran into the jungle.

He soon realized, he was losing time. He and everyone around him, could be dead in five seconds, flat. So, he slowly pushed himself off of the ground, grunting and almost screaming in pain. This did not make a difference. Everyone around him was screaming and yelling and running around. Hoisting his body up, Julian’s pulse raced.

Megan Pace woke up in the sand, with cuts and bruises all over her body. She realized what happened and tried not to panic. She simply got up off the ground, shaking.

She felt her face, burning up and noticed her purple dress had been ripped in the crash. She looked at her her closed hand, with twenty bucks still clench in it. Then, she threw the money on the ground. She didn’t even want to think about her past, right now.

Still trying to take in the fact that there was a plane crash and that she survived it, Megan fainted and fell to the ground, as sand puff over her.

No one lifted a finger to help her.

Somebody help!” Ji Yeon called. Her small hands were wrapped around the arms of a young boy, stuck on the plane’s heavy wing. “Don’t worry. I’m gonna get you out of here,” she said, sincerely to the young boy.

He gave her a false smile.

Suddenly, General Yossarian ran over the injured two. Without any instructions he help pulling and pulling till the boy, Johnny, slowly slipped out. When, he was finally revealed, Johnny stared in fright at his bloody body.

I’m a doctor go help the others,” she ordered to Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was about to state that he was in the war but, who needed two doctors. He ran to help the others, as told.

Johnny stared sadly at Ji Yeon, as she examined his bruises. “I’m going to die, aren’t I?” he said.

Ji Yeon came to a stop. She didn’t exactly expect a young boy to say this. She grabbed his shoulder and said to him, “You are not going to die. I promise.”

It was love at first sight.

When, Julian set his eyes on Clementine Phillips he devoted all the love he had to her. She had sweet mesmerizing blue eyes that Julian became trapped in. Her hair waved and reflected off the sun, as she ran around helplessly, after the crash.

Julian admired her for too long. She noticed how he stared at him and became suspicious but, then fell into his stare.

They were standing yards away from eachother but, they moved closer until they finally were staring at eachother from less than two feet.

Are you alright,” Julian finally said.

Yeah, thank you,” she said. “I’m Clementine.”


July 1st 2031 (4:21 PM) – Crashsite, The Island



Aaron and Clark had already made their way to the beach, where things started to settle down. Slowly, the 39 strangers learned eachothers names, faces and backgrounds. Some began to set up tents and some began to gather what they needed for survival.

July 1st 2031 (4:21 PM) – Southern Caves, The Island

When Julian discovered the caves, he went to tell the General right away. They were both shocked to find not only running water that would fulfill their survival needs but, they later discovered what at first seemed to be the plane wreckage.

It wasn’t their plane wreckage.

The General–who had been through experience in which he could identify types of planes–recognized the type just by staring at the rusted metal. “This is a Boeing 777-200,” he informed Julian. “Our plane was an Airbus A319-100.”

With the help of Julian, the General boosted the fracture of the plane just enough to see what was under it. When the found the closed box, smashed and rotted under the burying wing.

It’s a coffin,” Julian declared. “How did this get here?”

The General uncovered the the fancy wooden door on the coffin to reveal what seemed to be a rotting body. He and Julian covered their noses, as the flies dispersed from the corpse’s aroma. His name was Christian Shephard and his dead body laid somewhat alongside his late son’s.

I don’t know what happened,” he admitted. “But whatever the case, someone was on this island before us, a long time ago.”

How long do you think?”

Judging by the decomposed clothing,” the General said. “I would say twenty to thirty years…” He paused to think until the obvious came across his mind. “He’s in a coffin. I don’t believe it came from the island. It must have came from this plane.”

Julian pondered about these assumptions made by Jeffrey. “So, I guess we’re not alone, are we then?”

The General shook his head.

July 1st 2031 (4:06 PM) – The First Beach Camp, The Island

Ben left Hugo a few moments ago and now he was just waiting in the sand for Walt to arrive. He didn’t really worry. Or, at least he wasn’t scared. He began to pace around the beach until Walt finally came out of the bushes.

Hurley,” Walt called. Hugo turned around and walk towards Walt, friendly. They shook hands and embraced. “Where’s Ben?”

Hugo didn’t want to tell Walt this. “That doesn’t matter now, Walt,” he said. “Now, I need to get you somewhere. There is a place on the island. The temple. This morning, Ben and I discovered. It’s a place of… healing. And, there is someone who needs you help Walt.”

I’m sorry Hugo. I don’t think I understand. I thought you said your were offering me a job. Who is this person who needs to be healed?” His voice was beginning to get louder.

Do you want answers, Walt?”

Walt nodded and came closer to Hugo, as he stared into his eyes, directly getting his attention. “Follow me.”

July 1st 2031 (4:34 PM) – Wreckage, The Island


Mokuleia Beach (where a lot of beach scenes on Lost are filmed)


Patricia and Dani moved farther down the beach where they could talk more about what Dani did. They had finally moved farther away, until the wreckage turned into little specks on the glossy sand. Throughout this time, Patricia had been interrogating and questioning Dani.

The truth was, Dani–indirectly–caused the plane’s crash. What was in the bag exactly was completely unknown to both Dani and Patricia. Only one knew exactly what the contents were.

Dani received a brief description of what was in the bag, but still felt suspicious and believed that she may have been used. That maybe she was just a little pawn in someone’s–extremely realistic–game.

You didn’t open did you?” Patricia asked her.

No,” she explained. “But, it was hard not to. One night, the guilt was tearing me apart and I had to lock it in another room. But no, I did not open it.”

It was a little black bag with a few zippers and pockets. Not exactly a backpack. More like a duffle bag. There was a few inverted designs in it. No one knew where the bag was now.

Do you know where it is?”

That doesn’t matter. I already did it.” Dani’s tone became more serious and realistic. “Right now, my only goal is to get myself off this island, settle down and move on to my next assignment.”

And you think that’s going to be easy,” Patricia said, almost warning her about something. Dani raised her brow, interested in what she had to say. “Dani… Danika, it’s time I tell you the truth. I’ve been here before. On this island… a long time ago.”

How?” Dani was getting frustrated that Patricia had never told her this. “What do you mean, on this island?”

I am telling you this because I want you to be happy. I know a safe way off the island, maybe.” She added ‘maybe’ to state that this was nothing definite. “But, I know that you’re a smart girl and after a while–like many others–you may want to stay on this island.”

No, I don’t.”

Patricia didn’t bother to convince her. When it was time, she would learn and she would become aware of what the island was capable of.

July 1st 2031 (4:57 PM) – Wreckage, The Island

Julian and the General had returned to tell ‘the new leader’, Clark, what they found in the jungle. It was time for Clark to take a stand and lead the survivors. One by one Clark, with the help of Aaron–still a bit confused–and Julian, gathered together the survivors.

Hello,” Clark greeted to the large mass of people. He was nervous and wasn’t sure how to start. He continued, “Um… My name is Clark Cameron. I was on the plane as a U.S. Marshall for Pan Pacific Airlines Flight 888… deporting a prisoner to Australia.”

The cluster of survivors who had somehow made a clump encircling Clark, as if he was on a stage with a wooden podium scowled in fear.

Oh,” Clark realized. “Don’t worry. I… I saw his body he’s dead.” Clark didn’t know if this was true or not, unfortunately. “Anyways, it’s going to get dark soon and it’s time we get a little organized.”

The audience nodded in agreement at Clark.

Now… Jeffrey and Julian found some caves with fresh running water and shelter, just a while ago. I’m sure it would be a good place to settle in before with think about rescue.”


And rescue is coming… when?” a rude Frogurt-like survivor asked.

Well… we don’t exactly…” Clark didn’t know what to say to this. The survivor was staring at him with a disgusting face, as if he could be a leader better than Clark. So, he improvised. “I’ll tell you what. First thing tomorrow morning, we’re gonna find out where the hell the rest of the plane is.” Clark hesitated a bit, saying this.

The crowd smiled in uniform.

Each of them–every single one of them–had a background and a past and a big reason to get of the island. Maybe to get back to a spouse, a child, or a home. As for Clark, the reason he hesitated was because he had absolutely nothing to go back to.

July 1st 2031 (9:12 PM) – Wreckage, The Island

The day turned to dusk. Dusk turned into night and the survivors gathered around a large fire-pit. Around the first campfire was Dani and Patricia. The entire night was a series of awkward glares between them. No questions. No answers. And, barely anyone moved.

On the second campfire was Julian and Clementine. They had been talking the whole night, sharing stories and where they came from. Julian had nothing to hide, really.

How long were you in Iraq?” Clementine asked. Julian had just explained his experience in the war, a few years.

Not very long,” he explained. “But, it was… terrifying.” They shared a petty laugh and stared into eachother’s eyes. Julian poked at the fire. Clementine paused for a second.

Were you ever married?” she asked. Clementine said ‘Were you ever married’ instead of ‘Are you married’ for two reason. One; she considered this crash to be a new beginning or a blank slate. And two; she believed that it was obvious that Julian was flirting with her and if Julian had ever been married in his life, it was long gone by now.

No,” he said, sentimentally. “Never saw the point in it.” The conversation died down at this point from its original rise.

Excuse me,” a young woman’s voice appeared.

Julian and Clementine simultaneously to see Megan Pace standing before them. Her eyes stared straight at the two, barely blinking. It was a bit creepy, to some extent but, she still looked kind and seemed to mean well.

Have you two seen any piles of luggage anywhere?” she asked.

Sorry,” Julian answered. “I think your best shot is near the luggage.”

Megan nodded. “Thank you,” she said, creepily. Julian and Clementine watched her walk away and couldn’t help themselves from laughing.

At the third campfire was Clark, who was working out some sort of plane with Aaron. Aaron was examining and slowly memorizing the card that he found in his pocket, after finding a pair of glasses in his backpack–which also provided more answers.

The card read:

Dr. Aaron Littleton


He was utterly stupefied by this. Him? A doctor? In what, he thought. Anyway, he forgot everything about this and it was completely pointless. He threw the card in the sand.

Suddenly, random, uncategorized equations snapped into his head. Xs and ys and numbers flowed through his mind and slowly everything made sense.

Well, not everything.

Aaron didn’t try to show this, as Clark would be suspicious. Clark, on the other hand, had been figuring out the age-old puzzle: How to be a leader.

It’s definitely fractured,” Ji Yeon said. She was at the fourth campfire, only a few feet away from them. “But, nothing serious.”

Johnny was laying, asleep on a makeshift bed in the sand as Ji Yeon watched over him. The General sat near them.

He’s going to be okay?” the General asked.

As long as the infection doesn’t spread,” she said, trying to be positive.

And if it does?” he suggested.

I– I don’t know.”

It happened so fast. Every single person–except for Johnny–stood up. The scream carved a large ‘X’ in their hearts. A mother in the group of survivors held her little toddler.

Suddenly a recognizable young man ran out from the jungle, wounded. Completely covered in blood. Another short survivor ran to him along with Clark.

Jeff!” shortie exclaimed at him, grabbing onto his shoulders.




It was the ‘Frogurt-like man.’ He wore a blue suit with a tie and had a motionless expression on his face. Clark, the shortie and Ji Yeon who had also crowded to him specifically heard him mumble… something.

Give him space! Give him space!” She pushed back Clark.

An unconscious Jeff’s mumbling grew louder until the three and a few others surrounding Jeff finally realized that exact words he was communicating to them. They were all surprised to hear what he had just said:

He killed her…” Jeff uttered, as his eyes shot open, purposely. “He killed Megan and now the rest of them are coming!”


Sorry about the font changing halfway through. Hope you liked it! Episode 2 will hit you next week.

Questions… comments… concerns… complaints… warnings… threats… love letters… random phrases to add… comment and click it my friends. It is encouraged.

NEXT TIME ON LOST AGAIN: More mysteries are explained as flashbacks before boarding the plane are shown.


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  1. NightProwler666 says:

    This is amazing. Please tell me that you’ve already written next few episodes, I don’t want this to end like Knowing Lost 🙂

  2. wanda says:

    Great start! I will be looking forward to this every Wednesday. Thanks for all of your hard work to keep LOST alive somewhere.

  3. Tim says:

    Dude, Lovin it. So disappointed that Sam bailed out on KL, i hope this doesn’t end the same, but you might want to consider getting another writer or two just in case something happens, which always happens lol. Just too be prepared ya know. I’ve been writing for years and I’m an avid Lost fan if you need some help man. I was going to start my own sequel, but i want to see how many people are even interested ya know what i mean,

    • lapidus7 says:

      Yeah, I guess that’s probably a good idea. But, I think I should at least wait until season two to think about that. I already have a lot of things planned…

      But, either way, I’d love to see some of your writing.

  4. marc says:

    really cool story.. some of the typos made certain parts very difficult to understand… make sure you reread thoroughly.. not trying to sound like a dick… keep it coming.. at the very least if not a writing partner .. maybe a proof reader needed..

  5. eyerohn2516 says:

    Absolutely loved it! I think this 1st entry was longer than all of KL. Can’t wait to see what you do for a new Smokey, and if your Pace is Liam’s son. Keep it up brotha!

  6. Brager says:

    Great job man. Very awesome. Already seems better than Knowing Lost imo. Idk something about it made me jsut sit here for the last 20 min and read this whole thing. I love it. Also i see you said that you don’t want any extra writers helping you out, but what about an editor. Just someone to go through and read your episode a day or two before you post it and check for typos and such. I wouldn’t mind doing that if ya want some help.

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