Prologue (“Beginning”)

LOST Again: Prologue


The sun blared down on the beautiful island, as the massive plane made its escape. Some left behind, watch as it soared above them. Some cried. One died.

His name was Jack Shephard. He was a brave man. A brave man of faith who was once a man of science. It was time for him to leave. He spent his whole life holding on to things that didn’t matter. Things that he couldn’t change. It was time for him to let go.

Only a matter of yards away, stood a large man watching a cave of light shine on him. He stood up proud as he turned to another familiar “bug-eyed” man.

Hugo Reyes is his name. Yes, it is true. “Hurley” usually didn’t want to be involved with leadership. But, it was time for a change. Hugo’s proudness slowly turned into a fear. He was afraid of the huge responsibility that had just been put on him. He still had a lot to learn.

Benjamin Linus watched him, hopefully. He had faith in Hugo. He always did. Benjamin was known as a scheming, conniving devious person. But, that was over. He needed to change.

This is a beginning to a new chapter in the LOST chronicles. Everything was about to change. In what way? Well…

– Richard Alpert, Kate Austen, Claire Littleton, Miles Straume, Frank Lapidus and James Ford had escaped the island, triumphantly.

– Hugo Reyes and Benjamin Linus were assigned a new ‘job.’

– Along the way many “lostaways” were sacrificed, Charlie Pace, Michael Dawson, Daniel Faraday, John Locke, Juliet Burke, Sun-Hwa Kwon and her husband, Jin-Soo and of course Jack Shephard.

– Although unseen, Walt Lloyd had also experience a new beginning.

Now, every beginning needs an ending to pick up at. But, they need something else. They need some sort of event. Something that will start us of with a bang! Something or someone (or someones) that makes a fresh new start…

Hugo Reyes

Benjamin Linus

Walt Lloyd

Julian Carlson

Aaron Littleton

Clementine Phillips

Megan Pace

Ji Yeon Kwon

Patricia Hoffman

Dani Knight

This is how we begin…

Episode one is entitled, “888”

Next week…I PROMISE.


4 Responses to Prologue (“Beginning”)

  1. marc says:

    im in man.. u got me hooked.. not too hard in a lostless world..

  2. Jack In Real Life says:

    EXCELLENT list of names. Touche sir, i shall be checking in regularly

  3. Eledhrim says:

    Loving the new episodes each week. Brilliant.

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