Monthly Update 1#

October 29, 2010

Okay, here are some things I wanna say:

1) First of all, has anyone seen Brager77? He hasn’t commented in while…

2) YOU: Interactive episodes will be much longer now but will be posted every week (next one on November 3rd entitled: “Key in a Haystack”)

3) LOST Again is officially cancled BUT a new continuous series entitled: “Last Man Standing” is what I have been working on for a while. Further information, later.

4) Wikilapedia is now up at!!!!


YOU: Interactive Episode 8: “Bon Voyage, Traitor!”

October 27, 2010

Red switches on a light when you enter the castle. You feel the walls and they are definitely not rock. It’s plastic. You know it. This is a joke. Red was just leading you into a trap. But, you follow him.

At the end of the long hallway is a black door. It isn’t castle-like or anything. The door is black, just like in Pate’s room. You hope that it doesn’t just lead to his room again.

Suddenly, as Red holds the door, he shoves you into the next room. What a traitor! You didn’t even realize that he would bail on you so quickly. There’s a split-second as you fall into the room where you see the grin on Red’s face. You swear, you think you saw a shadow appear… someone else…

The room is dark and the door is locked.

CHOICES: Make up an episode title for episode 9! Anything! Just be serious, not silly, like “The Great Poo Battle.”

YOU: Interactive Episode 7, “Walk a Mile”

October 25, 2010

You don’t say a word. Silent treatment, again but this time, no consequences. 

Red nods and begins to lead you as you grab the knife from the icy ground. You notice the tiny designs on it; a dragon and some other calligraphic designs. You flip it over to read in bold letters, carved on the knife:

Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

You’ve heard it before… You distinctly remember those exact words from a very long time ago. You let out a chuckle as you recall the day when you walked a mile in Lyle’s shoes. 

Phuket, Thailand – 1999

Lyle walked along the shoreline, alone–or so it had seemed. A few seagulls perched on the moist sand, crabs and sand-bugs scattered around the beach. But, Lyle didn’t like to notice. To him, he was the only one in the world.

He had time so he thought things over–you know, clear his mind–and the calm sun and the soothing waves that flowed in and out… in and out; they were almost perfect.

Your feet sunk into the sand every time you stepped closer to Lyle. The brown sand was a sponge that didn’t want to stay on the ground. There were little grains of sand always getting stuck to your feet.

You  finally approached him. “Lyle,” you said, gently, “I’m sorry. He’s silent. His feet are sinking into the sand and looks like he is getting shorter, actually. “I guess I never understood… what your going through.”

“No,” he said, even more calmly than you. “You don’t understand. Not a bit. I can’t believe it.” He took a deep breathe. “I abandoned those people–my people when they were all counting on me. It was my responsibility but, I ended up running away to Phuket and having sex with some girl who’s name I don’t even know every night… just because I’m scared. I try to forget about it.”

“Are we okay?” you asked. You hope to get an answer even though you don’t deserve it, after last night. “Please tell me we’re okay, Lyle. It was a stupid mistake.”

“Yes, it was.”

You sigh. Maybe it’s time to leave.

Nothing much happened the rest of the night. But, what you did the night before was, you pretended like you knew what Lyle was going through but, you had no clue. It went to an extreme and he stormed off. 

As you look at the knife, the strangest thing occurs to you. You don’t remember where you heard the phrase about walking a mile. You know it reminded you of that night but, you don’t remember hearing it. But, you know you did. It was all very strange.

It took five hours for you and Red to finally reach the castle. As you get closer, more detail is seen on the castle. It’s pretty big and it’s completely covered in ice and snow so you can’t tell what’s under it. There’s a huge draw-bridge but, no moat–although maybe there was one. You always thought moats where pretty stereotypical.

You kinda doze off thinking about this until Red gets your attention. “Hey. Hey!” he said. “Can I borrow that knife? Just for a sec. I gotta do something.”

You look unsure. You still don’t completely trust Red but, you hand him the knife.

On the side of the castle is this big old lever that Red starts to chisel the ice off of, little by little. Then, he clutches his hands onto the lever tight and tugs it down. He’s kind of short and the lever’s up pretty high so it was an interesting thing to watch.

“Let’s go then,” Red says.

A) Follow him in.

B) Look back. 

C) Suggest going back to the room to get some answers. After all, it’s your right to know why your were injured and kidnapped and all.

D) Say something–anything. It’s your choice!

YOU: Interactive Episode 6, “White Rabbit, White Kingdom”

October 22, 2010

Sorry the episodes a day late. Extra long now. 

Also, I’ve been working on LOST Again and I was hoping that it would be okay if a rewrote the pilot (e.g. new characters, plane crash, different circumstances). Just wanna know what you guys think about that.

“Where do you keep a million people?”

Red chorts and makes a gesture. “Follow me,” he says. “And all your answers will be explained.”

His plea is a bit suspicious but, you begin to walk with him. He gives you a little smile as he leads you to a little key pad on the dark walls. He types in a code and a concealed door slides open to reveal another snowy area, like you saw before.

“Stay here for a second,” Red says. He walks back to where you were before: were Pate was killed. You see him kneel down to Pate. Praying probably.

Your alone now and you begin to run thoughts through your head. You just killed a man. In cold blood, you murdered him. Why? You don’t know. It seemed appropriate at the time.

Red returns and opens a manual cabinet to reveal four heavy winter coats. He hands one to you, as the snowy sparks fly out of the cold aroma. “You may need this,” he says, as he puts on his own.

The coat is extremely comfy. You don’t believe it. You almost fell asleep, it was so snug. It was blue and had one of those fuzzy faux fur on the hood tip. You zip it up and follow Red into the white kindgdom.

Everything was flurry. Not exactly a crazy blizzard but, it was cold. Even with the coat on. Red is leading the way but, he doesn’t say a word. You don’t want to bother, considering you just killed his best friend.

The knife is still clenched in your hand but, Red knows that you won’t kill him. (It’s true.) He has information that your desperate for. You feel the blood, that begins to dry on your face. You almost forgot about it because, it seemed like Pate and Red cleaned it up a little.

It feels like it’s been hours that you’ve been walking and Red still doesn’t speak or even look back to see if your still there. In the distance, you see a little gray spot on the horizon, contrasting with the white canvas.

“What’s that?” you say.

Red turns around and looks dead into your eyes. His face is pale but, his ears are bright red. He shows his braces a little again and says, “That’s the castle.”

“I’m sorry,” you say. You through the knife on the ground–not aggressively but, defeated-like. “I don’t understand. I just wanna go home. I need to get out of here. I didn’t mean to– ”

“You’ll be home soon enough, [your name],” he says, in a calm tone. “But you killed Pate. And the only way to take that back, is if you help me… If you help a friend of mine.”

A) Head back to the room and find a way out yourself.

B) Ask another question. (tell me what question you want to ask)

C) Agree.

D) Silence. Just follow him and bring the knife.

Episode 1.02 “888, Part 2” (PREVIEW)

October 19, 2010


LOST Again: Episode 2#


July 2nd 2031 (9:23 AM) – Caves, The Island

Yes. Although, all were awaiting answers and all were anticipating the moment Clark, Julian and the others would emerge from that jungle. Time was moving along interminably and only a few survivors had made a settlement to move into the caves.

Each survivors slowly began to pick up a piece of history that would support the General’s theory; ‘Someone was on the island before us, a long time ago.’ The General, who was off with Clark and Julian, found the coffin. Patricia and Dani were the next to realize the doll plopped on near this and Aaron saw a mysterious symbol carved into the bark of an oak. Ji Yeon pointed out the two skeletons that laid beside each other.

There was no time to discuss or theorize. Out of a bamboo thicket appear Clark and Julian, both frowning, although Clark had a tint hope in his sparkly blue eyes.

Where’s the General?” Dani’s voiced appeared from the crowd. It was the first thing she thought of when only two returned.

And to this, Julian lowered his head, shameful. Clark scratched the back of his furry head and bit his lip. “He…” Clark began but, he could not finish.

He’s on his own now,” Julian went on, looking up and staring directly into Dani’s mysterious gray eyes. “Things didn’t turn out well.”

Well, where’s Megan and Jeff and Ron?” This came from Jared Anderson–or ‘Red’–in among the array of survivors formed before them.

Clark took over again. It was as if him and Julian were having a heated debate–and Julian was of course winning. “All we know is that Megan… is nowhere to be found and Jeff’s crazy and Ron…” His voice became sentimental and soft. “Ron’s gone.”

The crowd shuttered.

And there’s one more thing…” Clark said. “We found something. Something that may just get us off this island.”

YOU: Interactive Episode 5, “And Then There Were Two”

October 19, 2010

Pate’s eyes are still stuck on you and he still holding the knife. His hand is shaking now. “Who the hell’s Lyle?” he snarks.

You look at Red who scared spitless. He knows what you’re planning on doing. Without, a sign for Pate or any indication, you grab the knife from his loose hand and thrust it into Pate’s stomach.

As you begin to stand, Pate begins to fall.

Red walks closer to you but, you share no eye contact. He is terrified now. “Why’d you do that?” he says. Your head pivots at him. “Please,” he begs. “Don’t hurt me. I’m not with him. I’ve been his slave for him for years–”

You hold the knife back to him and he freezes. “I will not kill you, if you give me answers,” you bargain. “Where am I?”

Red doesn’t hesitate a bit. “Santa Cruz,” he says. “This is the basement of a shoe factory. I don’t know exactly where… Pate was never open about that with us.”

Us?” you say. “How many of you are there?”


You ask…

A) “Where do they keep a million people?”

B) “How did you get here?”

C) “What’s your name?”

There was a tie vote last time of 5 vs. 5. It was a random decision to choose “Kill Pate.”

YOU: Interactive Episode 4, “I Remember…”

October 17, 2010

 Everything was piled with slushy December snow. Your car was toppled and the trees were drenched in a white coat. You lay awake in your bed aside of a fire. Crackling and hurtling sparks and cinders in your face.

You stared into the fire hypnotize; stuck in a motionless gaze. You slurped your hot chocolate. It seemed so calm to you but, a million thoughts went through your head.

Without a warning, you were grabbed. A potato sack was thrust over your head. You squirmed around like a dying fish. At first you thought it was Lyle just teasing you but, it was too long. Someone was trying to kill you.

Next thing you knew, you were out on the cold ground of the snow, abandoned. You ripped the bag off of your head and scream, “Who are you?!” No one heard you.

And the next thing you remembered…

Slowly, you blinked your eyes open, as a sudden realization came across you. You touched the ground. Ice cold. That was not your bedroom.

And as the jagged knife slowly came towards your hand you let out, “I know who you want!” Pate stops. “I know who you want… You want my friend. You want Lyle Gardener.”

Red is shaking. Pate’s eyes are stuck on yours and you try to look dead serious. But, nothing can be for sure…

A) Make a run for it. You’re not stuck there.

B) Explain who Lyle is.

C) Kill Pate. The knife is right there.